News Flash!

The location of Byodouin (Kyushu era) was found.

 This is the result of amateurs’ research. The result has not been publicity announced through newspaper. As of now, it is only hypothesis but Mr.Yoneda has traced its location. The place is Zokumyoin located in Hutsukaichi’s south. The editor also had been looking for this location. Once again Mr.Yoneda has taken a step ahead in discovering the historical site. On the other hand, the editor was confused by the name Byodo-ji which is located in a mountain at Tsukushi city suburb.

Where is Zokumyoin?

 On the upper part of the map, rout 31 runs from West to East and EH Mansion is visible on the south side of R 31. The symbol () is the area where Phenix Hall was once located. People living in this neighborhood are very fortunate because they’re being watched and protected by Amitababha Tsthagata every night.