Keep your head held high and sing “Kimigayo”, hang your “Hinomaru” flag.
Let’s bring back the old original Japan.
    by Shozo Watanabe

 There are many explanation on the origin of “Hinomaru” and “Kimigayo”. Many stereotyped opinions are heard in public. Clearly speaking, they’re lack of studying. If I may say in a harsh way, a great portion of practically everything during Heian period/era are either dupricated or reformed of Wakoku. (Yayoi period’s image was under the mind control but in reality….?)

 It’s hard to believe that the current Hase-dera’s Hondou, Yakushi-ji East tower, Horyu-ji, Todai-ji Nandaimon, Byodouin Houodo,etc. were moved from Kyushu and built at the present site.
 “Kokinshu” and “Manyoshu” were edited long time ago. However “The tale of Genji” was written roughly 350 years earlier.

 The song “Kimigayo” is intended to praise the king Iwai (leader of the rebellion of Iwai whom we taught at school )
The origin of the rising sun “Hinomaru”日の丸.came from the mirror of the sun that was sketched on the wall of the decorated ancient tomb.
 The king was regarded as Amitabha Tathagata after his death. Incidentally, the fylfot mark is tattooed on the sternal part and in fact Yakushinyorai of Yakushiji is Amitabha Tarhagata.
 The history of the wonderful dynasty which was a best and universal state of those days in the world had been eraced.
 Throughout the long history of Japan, there have been good things and bad things. The image of the “Rising Sun” flag and “Kimigayo” is also one of them during the World WarⅡ.

 After 3.11. Japan should have learned to make use of the mental support from Kyushu Dynasty. Let’s sing “Kimigayo” and raise the flag with our respect to Tounomikado遠の朝廷 (not the image of distance office but the long gone Capital) with our hearts.

 If you truly understand what have been mentioned above , then you will understand the complexity and difficulty in promoting “Hinomaru” and “Kimigayo” as the mayor of Osaka city and his followers are trying to do. There is no need to change the melody now. I’m grateful if readers understand the issue of “Hinomaru and Kimigayo” and the discovery of Wakoku’s Hase-dera and Uji Byodouin’s location are deeply rooted in their connection with one another.
There are people who try to make the connection of “Kimigayo” with ancient Israel. However, I think it is relevant to say that they shouldn’t think and relate this issue to previous war whenever possible.